The Woodlands, TX baby pictures – Lilly

I recently met my sweet, beautiful niece for the first time and was so excited to have a little session with her! I was a little nervous because she is at one of those in-between stages as far as pictures go. Once those first 2 weeks have passed and the baby is no longer willing to sleep and be posed, there is not as much that I can do with them until they get a bit older. Once they get to be around 4 months, they can usually prop themselves up on their arms and sometimes play with their feet, and are often smiling more. And of course there are a lot more options once they can sit up. At 6 months, some can sit unassisted but some are not yet able to. I recommend waiting until they can sit up for the “6 month” pictures and capture the milestone instead of the month. 🙂

Lilly was about 3 1/2 months here and I got so lucky because she was able to prop herself up for a short time and was smiley and pretty easy to photograph! I am glad we were able to capture this milestone for her. I am so jealous of all her thick auburn hair!

Baby Lilly smiles for her 3 month portraits.

A baby girl perches on her arms for a picture in The Woodlands TX.

A natural light portrait of a 3 month old baby girl.

Baby Lilly lays on a pink shaggy rug.

A 3 month old baby poses on a pink blanket.

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