10 on 10 Monthly Blog Circle – The Woodlands Children’s Photographer

It’s that time again! I am sharing a few personal images again for this month’s 10 on 10 project. It was so hard to pick my favorites this time! Please be sure to check out the next photographer linked at the bottom to see more wonderful images!

This is the face he makes when he is in trouble. This time he was climbing and getting into the blinds and kept turning around to get back in them. When I get mad at him he does this. How can I not laugh?

This might be my favorite image. This one moment, 1/4000 of a second, captures perfectly this fun time they were having with water balloons. SISTERS.

My oldest has only been taking piano lessons for a couple months but she is picking it up pretty well. I love to hear her play.

I am not sure why I liked this one so much. I think she just looks so young and innocent with her tutu suit and pigtails.

One of the few toys he likes right now. He isn’t into toys much, only getting into things he shouldn’t be.

She can stay awake for hours, and I mean HOURS, looking at books. She is a night owl like me and takes a long time to wind down.

My mom had my girls for the weekend so we ventured out to eat at a restaurant with our 16 month old. I misjudged how nice it was before taking him in there, breaking rule #1 about toddlers and restaurants (go somewhere that’s already LOUD), but he kept busy most of the time by blowing bubbles in his milk and flirting with people at the table behind us. Lucky for us he is as cute as he thinks he is.

This is a much moodier image than I would normally take, and I took a lot of light and bright ones too, but I love the detail in his profile and the water droplets on his chest. I love this big sink!

They fight just like any sisters, but I love peeking in on them having a good moment.

Please continue the blog circle by visiting Tara Gene Photography’s page HERE!

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  1. Such great images and such adorable kids! Great job Mandy!

  2. Vera

    You have such beautiful children! I adore that water balloon shot!!!

  3. These are wonderful! What great pictures to capture everyday life and create memories!

  4. adorable family photos, love the water balloon and the baby in the kitchen sink!

  5. Tara

    Love these! Your little man reminds me of my Elise — she gives me those faces too when she’s being naughty ;) Love it!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love them all! I love the moody black and white, the one with the water balloons, and the one of them playing in their little princess house! So perfect :)

  7. These are amazing!! Love the one with the girls playing with water balloons makes me wish Bella has a sibling to do that with!


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