The Woodlands Baby Pictures – 6 months old

This pretty girl was so sweet and had the cutest expressions, I just wanted to keep her! I love the look of this first set of images. The overall feel of the pictures depends on a lot of factors and each one is different. I know a lot of photographers prefer to make all their sessions look similar and that is definitely important for consistency so clients know what to expect. Some even prefer to only photograph subjects dressed according to the style they want to photograph. However, clients have unique needs and there are going to be some differences between sessions. The final result will depend on the client’s choice of outfits, the weather, the time of day, the location, family size and dynamic, and how the files are processed during editing. Images of a family dressed in bright colors in a field during the evening sunset are going to look different than say, images taken when it is cloudy out and the family is wearing lighter colors. Both can have fantastic results while having a different overall feel. I strive for consistency while also taking into account all of these elements when I am editing. I also like to ask a client what they will be wearing so that we can plan on a location and time that will complement the look they are going for. Even still, the weather can turn it into something quite different! For this session the baby was wearing pastel colors during sunset. I love the blue and yellow contrast in these.


How adorable is this outfit?!


This is my favorite shot, an impromptu moment at the very end. 🙂

The Woodlands Baby Pictures

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