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I don’t share a lot of personal thoughts on here, but the Super Bowl is on (I am not a sports girl) and I had some things that popped into my head that I had to write about right NOW. It is the beginning of the year and I am in the process of reviewing and revamping a few things in my business. While I am thinking about this, I am thinking about my clients, the ones that trust me and allow me to keep doing what I love. I am thinking about what they say they loved about their experience and how I can make their experience even better going forward.

Short back-story…
I waited tables for some years in college. I think everyone should have that job at some point in their lives because it teaches you service to others and what it means to really work hard, but it can be a tough industry. You can meet some amazing people, but also some that will make you run to the bathroom crying (literally, this happened more than once). I swore I would never work in the service industry again after I graduated. And now, I am working in one of the most amazing service industries there is, living my dream preserving memories for others. The difference? My clients. I am doing something I enjoy, but it’s making my clients happy that keeps me going. I am going to share a few nice things clients have said to me about their sessions, because I have really AWESOME clients. Seriously. I have received so many kind words from people over the years, but these are just a few from recent sessions.

From Allyn:
Thank you so much! These turned out great, so cute, just beautiful, exactly what I was hoping for! I can’t believe she has already changed so much since the photos were taken, which makes me even happier that we did this right in the beginning.

From Susan after seeing her sneak peek:
Awww! Love it!
Thank you again for everything today. You are so talented and tender (and patient) with the baby. Sorry baby J got you so dirty! Some day she will appreciate your hard work. 🙂 We will look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. I know they are going to be great.

From Emily:
I can’t breathe. I CANNOT believe you got such amazing shots with my boys. UNBELIEVABLE. They are breathtaking. Literally. I’m just overwhelmed. I know I’m such a drama queen but you are so amazingly talented. I don’t remember seeing either one of them NOT crying Saturday am. I want all of them in 16x20s. Oh wait. House is too small. But I love EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Notes like this just make me SO happy, and I hope all of my clients feel like this after their session. I know you are taking a leap of faith when you hire someone for something as personal as capturing your memories, whether it is your newborn’s first days, milestone baby sessions, or family portraits, and I want to make sure you are happy with your experience. If you have any feedback for me, whether positive reviews or things I can work on, I would love to hear from you!!

Here is a link to a feedback form to make it easy! If you have had a session with me, I would love to be able to add your testimonials to this site, or hear any suggestions you may have! To make it a little more tempting, I will draw a winner to receive a free 11×14 mounted print of your favorite image from our session. The winner will be drawn randomly on Valentine’s Day!

Click HERE to complete the form!


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