Woodlands Child Pictures – Curls!

This little girl has the most adorable head of curls ever! She knew what I was up to and made sure I got a work out that day! She liked to run, and then she would sit in my lap, but that doesn’t make it easy to take her picture! In the end I usually win and get some great shots anyway. I have a little boy her age so I know the game. 😉 Her momma was referred to my by another wonderful client of mine. A lot of my clients are referrals, and I can’t tell you what a compliment that is and how much I appreciate it!

How sweet are Miss E’s curls?
Woodlands Child pictures

woodlands child pictures

Did you know I have a referral program and give discounts to clients who refer me to their friends? Yep, it’s true! I love my loyal clients, and their referrals! Please contact me if you would like to schedule a session for your child. Woodlands Child Pictures can be done any time of year!

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