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Houston Newborn Portraits – a baby boy!

Ready for some Houston newborn portraits on the blog today?! Get ready for some major cuteness!  I just finished this little boy’s pictures and there were so many I loved, I could have posted just the whole session! Just look at his gorgeous head of hair! He loved being all cozy and swaddled, so we did a lot of those shots. He certainly made my job very easy!  His parents said they like blue, gray, lime green and teal, so I incorporated those props into the set ups.   They also had a speckled handmade blanket that fit perfectly with the colors we used. I love incorporating personal items into sessions. It makes the pictures unique and special to the family.  It was also fun to cuddle with a little boy since I have had so many girls lately. They seem to come in waves sometimes! I had a ton of girls, now I have a lot of boys coming up!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

houston newborn pictures

houston newborn
Did you love these Houston newborn portraits?  Are you pregnant and looking for a newborn photographer?  We’d love to hear from you!  Be sure to contact us early to reserve your spot!

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The Woodlands Newborn Multiples – Triplets!

Featured on the blog today are a Woodlands newborn multiples session of triplets!

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph newborn triplets again! These 3 were just amazing! As with any session with newborn multiples, it was a lot of work, but so worth it. I’m very happy with how these photos turned out!  Their parents traveled a good ways to come see me at the studio.  I am so honored and thankful because they were the first newborns to be photographed in my brand new studio and I will forever remember them!  They were all so different, but they made the same adorable little noise that sounded like they were giggling! How precious!  Here are a few favorites from the session.

I hope you enjoy it!




woodlands newborn multiples

Are you expecting multiples?  Contact Capture the Dance Photography to document your babies.  Be sure to get on our schedule as soon as possible before our calendar fills up!  Send us an email today and tell us all about yourself!

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The Woodlands Newborn Pictures – Pretty in Purple

We’ve got Woodlands newborn pictures on the blog today!  For this session, we went with an orchid, cream and gray theme for this session to match little J’s room! I cannot wait to see her portraits hung on the walls of her nursery!  I was glad to be able to use my gray ruffle blanket that I just got. It looks so nice that I ordered more in 3 other colors. :) Just shout if you would like the same blanket used in your session.  It’s my new favorite!  Her parents had just moved into their new home in The Woodlands, just in time for her newborn pictures! I am sure it was a big undertaking to move right before your baby is born and then make time for newborn pictures, but I know her parents will be so happy they had these done! Luckily they booked these well before she arrived, which I highly recommend!




Are you looking for Woodlands newborn portraits?  Be sure to contact us early to get on our calendar before we’re booked!  We’d love to custom design your session with colors and props that match your style and will look stunning in your home!

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Houston Newborn Photographer – So Tiny!

I love that as a Houston newborn photographer I’m typically one of the first stops parents make with their little ones.  I love getting to meet these tiny ones and document this special time in their lives. This little newborn surprised her parents by being a whole month early! She was only 2 weeks old and 5 pounds at her session. She let me pose her however I wanted and I was in Heaven! I could have played with her all day. Her family had the awesome cowhide and barbed wire basket. Sometimes I like things the clients have better than my own props! I think if makes their images special if we can incorporate some of their own belongings and pair them with my collection of props and blankets.  It was SO hard to choose my favorites from this session, she was just too perfect for me.  I loved them all!

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did!

houston newborn photographer


Are you looking for a Houston newborn photographer?  We’d love to hear from you!  Be sure to get on our calendar as early as possible so that we can reserve your spot!  And, tell us what props and items are important to you to include in your session – we’d love to start conceptualizing your own unique session!

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Houston Newborn Pictures

You are going to love these Houston newborn pictures on the blog today.  This sweet girl was over 9 lbs and her gender was a surprise! I have had a lot of surprise gender babies lately and I just think that is so cool. I wish I was patient enough to have done it myself!  It’s got to be the most amazing surprise ever.  I love hearing what the gender is when the parents call me to tell me their little one has arrived and they’ll be coming to the studio soon.

She was very bright eyed for parts of her session so I got some cute expressions from her.  What an alert little one!  Don’t worry, I also got my sleepy poses too.  I’m going to start calling myself the baby whisperer because I can always figure out how to get these little ones to sleep :)

Enjoy! And, let me know what you think!

houston newborn pictures



What color combination is your favorite?  I just loved the purple hat and the pink wrap.  We got to fit in a lot of different setups with this cooperative tiny one!

Do you need Houston Newborn Pictures of your little one?  We’d love to hear from you!  Shoot us an email as early as possible to get on our calendar!
You can find me on Google +!

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The Woodlands Newborn Photographer

Baby C’s parents asked for bright colors in pink and teal to match their baby’s room, and I think we got that covered! I love this color combination! We got a few shots of her awake before she drifted off to sleep. She totally rocks my blue bucket. :) She did so good for me and I love these images of her sweet face. This is one of my favorites.


I just love these colors!


The Woodlands Newborn Photographer

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Houston Newborn Photographer

Baby T did not want to sleep for his pictures, but he finally gave in for a little while! I went to college with baby T’s parents and they are actually related to the triplets that I photographed earlier in the year.


After we did some traditional newborn shots I took some pictures of him just chillin’ in his crib. He is such a happy baby!

Houston Newborn Photographer

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Spring TX Newborn Portraits

These are the newborn pictures of the adorable 11 lb 8 oz baby boy I took the hospital photos of recently. His mom wanted mostly lifestyle shots and I was glad for that because this was the biggest newborn I have photographed! Given how alert he was at only a few hours old at the hospital, I wasn’t sure what kind of poses I could get out of him. He surprised us all by sleeping the whole time and we were able to get a good amount of both lifestyle and posed shots! You would not believe how well behaved all 4 of her kids were and they look like they fell out of a magazine! These parents have it together!


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Conroe Newborn Pictures – Baby T

I usually like to do newborn pictures in the baby’s first 2 weeks of life. Once babies get past this age they are usually more alert and don’t want to sleep and curl up quite as much. They start to lose their newborn-ness and baby acne sometimes sets in. Baby T was actually 3 weeks old in these pictures but he did great for me! You just never know with these little ones as they are each so different. A 3 week old can sleep the whole time, and I have had 3 day olds that don’t want to sleep at all. It’s not common but it happens and I have to be prepared for anything. I am so glad I was able to get these images of him, and how adorable is big sister?! They were both so cooperative (and the parents too). :) I am loving lifestyle portraits and have been incorporating them more and more lately. I think it makes it less intimidating for older siblings when everything isn’t so staged. I like doing a combination of simple prop setups and more natural images.

Conroe Newborn Photographer
Conroe Newborn Pictures

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Newborn Hospital Pictures – The Woodlands

I have to share the backstory of this not-so-little guy. I have worked with this family a couple times before and his momma booked me for newborn pictures of her fourth baby early in her pregnancy. Then she asked if I could also come to the hospital to take pictures right after the birth. This isn’t something I had done before but I was so excited to do it! I would LOVE to do birth photography, LOVE. But with 3 little ones so young, I don’t have the ability to be on call 24 hours a day at this time. This was a great alternative and allowed me to capture the baby in his first hours of life.

I waited for the news of his arrival. And waited. And waited. At almost 2 weeks overdue and the baby estimated at over 10 lbs, the doctor decided it was time to induce. I know his mom was really hoping to let him come in his own time, and as luck would have it, she went into labor on her own the night before. They knew he would be big, but her other 3 kids were also over 9 pounds so she knew she could do it. He was born at a whopping 11 lbs 8 oz!!! And she delivered him naturally and even took her own birth photos as he was born. This mom is seriously one amazing woman and a testament that it is possible to deliver a “big” baby when you are “overdue.” She makes having 4 kiddos look so easy, and having 3 myself, I know it’s not!

I loved doing this hospital session and would absolutely love to do more of them. They are more journalistic in style compared to my full newborn sessions and would be done in the first 48 hours after the birth in either the hospital, birth center or in the home if it was a home birth. Here are some of the images from MJ’s session. He was SO alert and content for just a few hours old. Even in the picture of him crying, no sound came out. And just check out that smile in the last one!!
Newborn Hospital Pictures – The Woodlands

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