Newborn Photographer Spring TX

Here are a lot of images coming your way! I had a hard time deciding which images to feature for this little one’s session. Her momma likes lace, pearls, and all things girly! I send out a questionnaire before my newborn sessions to get an idea of what my clients are looking for. This usually asks what colors they like, such as neutrals, lights, darks, brights, or specific colors. I ask what types of images they are drawn to and if there is anything that they know they don’t like. I also try to get an idea of what they plan to do with the images whether it be order small prints or make an album. I have ordered a lot of new blankets and headbands lately, so I was glad to be able to use them for this sweet session!


She even rocked a couple of the more difficult setups. I don’t do shots like these for every session. The baby has to be super sleepy and they require parent hands to support the baby and then be removed in photoshop. I try my best to do them when requested!

Sweet pink and cream colors.

The last image in that collage is on a cream blanket her grandmother made, and look at those big wide eyes! I bet Grandma will love this image! This next one is one of my favorite shots. I just love the simple cream with the delicate lace wrap over her.
spring tx newborn pictures

Capture the Dance Photography is a newborn photographer Spring Tx, specializing in newborns, babies and children. Newborn sessions are available in my studio in Conroe or in your home. Please contact me to book!

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Woodlands Child Pictures – Curls!

This little girl has the most adorable head of curls ever! She knew what I was up to and made sure I got a work out that day! She liked to run, and then she would sit in my lap, but that doesn’t make it easy to take her picture! In the end I usually win and get some great shots anyway. I have a little boy her age so I know the game. ūüėČ Her momma was referred to my by another wonderful client of mine. A lot of my clients are referrals, and I can’t tell you what a compliment that is and how much I appreciate it!

How sweet are Miss E’s curls?
Woodlands Child pictures

woodlands child pictures

Did you know I have a referral program and give discounts to clients who refer me to their friends? Yep, it’s true! I love my loyal clients, and their referrals! Please contact me if you would like to schedule a session for your child. Woodlands Child Pictures can be done any time of year!

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Newborn Pictures in Conroe – Eyelashes

This baby is the daughter of a very dear friend of mine. We go way back to high school and lifeguarding days! It was so nice to catch up and meet their newest addition! I also photographed her big sister as a newborn. She was such a perfect angel for me, and I do believe she gets the award for longest newborn eyelashes ever! I love all her hair too!

newborn conroe tx

I think she gets it from her big sister! How adorable is she with her big brown eyes?


I love when a baby is awake and content and I can get images of them with their eyes open. Sometimes babies sleep the entire session, or only want to eat when they are awake. When I am lucky, I can get a variety of both awake and asleep shots! Baby M had such big eyes and it was a treat to see her alert and happy. Then she drifted off to sleep and was out! Works for me!


Are you in need of newborn pictures in Conroe TX? Come to my studio or schedule an in-home newborn session for your baby on the way! I prefer to do newborn pictures in the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life to ensure all of the newborn details are captured. Please book in advance to ensure a spot on my calendar! Contact me at to book your newborn portraits today.

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Houston Newborn Photographer – Faces!

I have mentioned before that I just love when I can incorporate the family’s own sentimental items into a session. In general, I prefer to keep things simple. Too many “props” tend to just overpower the image and take the focus away from what is important, the new baby! However little details here and there are so nice and just add meaning for the family. One of mom’s request was to incorporate her wedding dress into the images. I absolutely love how sweet she looks on her mom’s beautiful dress! Isn’t the beading on the dress just stunning?


And how cute are all her little faces?! She was quite an expressive one, and really enjoyed being awake.



How sweet and awesome is this? Could she be smiling any more? I don’t think so!! Catching newborn baby grins is always a highlight of any session!

Houston Newborn Photographer Capture the Dance Photography specializes in unique and personalized newborn portraits. Contact me today to reserve your newborn session!

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Woodlands Newborn Pictures – Baby B

Here are some more Woodlands Newborn Pictures of an adorable little boy! I accidentally “met” this momma a couple years ago. She is a fabulous wedding photographer and we used to use the same lab for our print orders. ¬†Her order was delivered to my house by mistake (we lived just a few streets apart from each other) and I called to let her know. ¬†We spent a while chatting on the phone, then later I ran into her at her garage sale in the neighborhood, we became Facebook buds, etc. ¬†I was so honored when she told me she wanted me to do her baby boy’s newborn portraits! ¬†We had to work with her hubby’s schedule so baby B was only 3 days old for his pictures! ¬† Mom liked earthy tones, with blues and greens, so that was our color pallet. ¬†Doesn’t she have the most gorgeous hair?! And baby is sooo precious!

woodlands newborn pictures

woodlands newborn pictures

The Woodlands Newborn Pictures by Capture the Dance Photography, a natural light newborn, baby and child photographer in The Woodlands Tx. Please contact me to reserve your newborn session in my cozy Conroe, TX studio or in the comfort of your home!

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Woodlands TX Newborn Pictures – Miss S

This little one was so beautiful and alert, and she was only 6 days old for her portraits. For me, about a week old seems to be the perfect age for newborn session. They have had time to settle in (parents and baby), and the baby still has those fresh newborn details that disappear all too quickly. ¬†Miss S is the first child for this family, other than their beloved labrador who was very curious about what I was doing with her baby! ¬†She didn’t want to sleep for her newborn pictures at first but she was so wide-eyed and content to be awake. ¬†I just love her cute faces! ¬†This was an in-home session and her parents followed my tips I send out to help the session go smoothly, so she eventually drifted off to sleep. ¬†I send out these tips before a session and they include suggestions¬†such as having the room really warm, keeping the baby awake beforehand, and feeding on demand. ¬†These steps can make all the difference in the world in having a happy, cooperative baby. ¬†As we know, newborns make the rules! ¬†I am glad we were able to get a variety of awake and sleepy shots. How gorgeous is her hair? Her nursery is porcelain blue, cream and tan so we used a lot of those colors for her session. ¬†Most people don’t think of putting a baby girl in blue, but it is so soft and I love how feminine and delicate she looks.¬† She is just perfect and I hope mom and dad love the images!

I posted another favorite HERE on my Google page. She is wearing a headband from one of my favorite new vendors!

Woodlands TX Newborn Pictures of a baby girl by Capture the Dance Photography

Woodlands TX Newborn Pictures
Woodlands TX Newborn Pictures

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Houston Newborn Portraits – a baby boy!

Ready for some Houston newborn portraits on the blog today?! Get ready for some major cuteness! ¬†I just finished this little boy’s pictures and there were so many I loved, I could have posted just the whole session! Just look at his gorgeous head of hair! He loved being all cozy and swaddled, so we did a lot of those shots. He certainly made my job very easy! ¬†His parents said they like blue, gray, lime green and teal, so I incorporated those props into the set ups. ¬† They also had a speckled handmade blanket that fit perfectly with the colors we used. I love incorporating personal items into sessions. It makes the pictures unique and special to the family. ¬†It was also fun to cuddle with a little boy since I have had so many girls lately. They seem to come in waves sometimes! I had a ton of girls, now I have a lot of boys coming up!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

houston newborn pictures

houston newborn
Did you love these Houston newborn portraits? ¬†Are you pregnant and looking for a newborn photographer? ¬†We’d love to hear from you! ¬†Be sure to contact us early to reserve your spot!

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The Woodlands Newborn Multiples – Triplets!

Featured on the blog today are a Woodlands newborn multiples session of triplets!

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph newborn triplets again! These 3 were just amazing! As with any session with newborn multiples, it was a lot of work, but so worth it. I’m very happy with how these photos turned out! ¬†Their parents traveled a good ways to come see me at the studio. ¬†I am so honored and thankful because they were the first newborns to be photographed in my brand new studio and I will forever remember them! ¬†They were all so different, but they made the same adorable little noise that sounded like they were giggling! How precious! ¬†Here are a few favorites from the session.

I hope you enjoy it!




woodlands newborn multiples

Are you expecting multiples?  Contact Capture the Dance Photography to document your babies.  Be sure to get on our schedule as soon as possible before our calendar fills up!  Send us an email today and tell us all about yourself!

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The Woodlands Baby Portraits – 10 on 10!

It has been a few months since I have participated in our group’s 10 on 10 blog circle. ¬†And, like a very busy bad mom, I haven’t taken many lifestyle images of my kids lately! Instead, here are 10 images from baby L’s Woodlands baby portraits session last weekend. I needed to blog this session anyway so this is kind of cheating by killing 2 birds with one stone. She is 10 months old and is just a doll! I love this age. ūüôā


Please also follow the link below the images to see the next photographer in the blog circle!  Hope you have as much fun with this project as I do!

woodlands baby portraits


woodlands baby portraits

She gave me smile after smile after smile.  What a joy to photograph this little one!


This outfit is a personal favorite of mine!

I love this color combination!


Those blue eyes are going to get daddy in trouble one day!

Now go check out Seeley Casey Photography to continue the circle! ¬†I promise, you’ll love her work!

If you’re looking to have your own cutie-pie’s portraits taken, shoot us an email and get on our calendar! ¬†We’d love to meet your family and capture this time in your life!

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Conroe TX Portrait Studio Reveal!

I’m SO excited for today’s Conroe TX portrait studio reveal! ¬†Capture the Dance Photography has moved into a new studio space! It is conveniently located in Conroe right off I45.

It is a photographers dream! ¬†It has tons of natural light, and is perfectly set up for newborn and baby portraits. It is so nice and convenient to have all of my props there for sessions. I am going to celebrate by having mini sessions soon, so stay tuned for that! ¬†Contact us if you’d like to get on the email distribution list!

Here are some images of the studio. ¬†We can’t wait to see you there! ¬†Let me know what you think! ¬†I had so much fun decorating the space with my artwork ūüôā


We’ve got a nice cozy fireplace to keep those newborns warm and snuggle for their first portraits.conroe tx portrait studioParents can relax on our sofa or watch from the table as I work my magic with their little ones. ¬†It’s the perfect studio to feel at home as we capture this special time in your lives!

Want to come visit me in my ¬†new Conroe TX portrait studio!? ¬†I’d love to hear from you. ¬†Shoot me an email and we’ll set up an appointment for your kiddo’s portraits!

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