The Woodlands Baby Portraits – K is ONE!

I did little K’s newborn pictures too and it is so fun to watch little clients grow!!! This was one of those rare sessions where everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. The chance of rain was high but the weather seemed to be holding. We were going to do a few family shots in addition to the one year portraits and the whole family of five was already dressed and ready. I know from experience that this is not easy so I wanted to make it work! We made a last minute location change to a place with a covered pavilion just in case. This was a good move because right as we arrived it started pouring! There was a girl scout troop there also so we had children running amuck all around us, throwing balls around and such, which is way more distraction that I like to work with. And it was DARK from the storm clouds! Luckily we still got some fantastic shots in the short time we could tolerate being there. I am so appreciative to this family for making the effort and enduring all of that! Here are just a few favorites.


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