Newborn Multiples Houston – Triplets!

I just realized that I only ever posted one from this session. How is that possible?! I mean I know I am a terrible blogger. I KNOW. But seriously, I anticipated this session for many months beforehand! Thankfully this mom contacted me very early in her pregnancy and I could’t wait to photograph my first set of triplets! They were 2 months old here, which is way outside of the normal age range for newborn pictures. Since they were born 2 months early they were very much still newborns though and weighed around 8 pounds each. I am glad they had time to fill out their chubby little rolls!

I was seriously so amazed at how organized their parents were, especially since they hadn’t been home from the hospital for long. They were all already sleeping through the night. My 1 year old still doesn’t do that sometimes! All the babies ate, burped, and went to sleep, and when it was time for them to eat again, there was no mistaking it! One would start crying and then the other two would start and all three were screaming. Then they would eat, and repeat. These parents had this DOWN!

This session went really well considering it was a triplet session. Some of my single babies have taken longer and pottied on more things. 😉 I was well prepared but multiple babies can be unpredictable. I had worked with twins before but this was my first set of three. Thankfully their mom and aunt were amazing assistants for me! It was funny because one of the babies came home from the hospital before the other two and got used to getting all the attention. Then the other two came home. He would be sleeping and I would lay one of the others next to him and he would be unhappy, he didn’t want to be snuggled up against his brothers! The other two loved being snuggled up.

I had so much fun with these little guys. Aren’t they incredible?

Newborn multiples Houston

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