Conroe Newborn Photographer – Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes of your Conroe newborn photographer at Capture the Dance Photography!  These images were from a newborn session I photographed a few months ago. My friend from Maricruz Photography was kind enough to assist me on this session and she took a few shots of me in action. This session was done on-location in the client’s home in Conroe.

There is something about a newborn session that just gets me in the zone. It is what I love and am passionate about!  Each baby is so different and sometimes it takes a little time to get acquainted and figure out what I can get out of them, what they like, what makes them “tick.” Baby C preferred to be held, but we eventually saw eye to eye. This is of course after he pooped on both of my white shirts, despite the fact that I tried to cover his bum! 😉 Oh a day in the life of a newborn photographer!  It happens sometimes and I am not bothered by it, just a consequence of taking the diaper off! You can see the results of this session HERE.

Are you looking for a Conroe newborn photographer?  We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us today to reserve your spot as our calendar fills up quickly!

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