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Newborn Hospital Pictures – The Woodlands

I have to share the backstory of this not-so-little guy. I have worked with this family a couple times before and his momma booked me for newborn pictures of her fourth baby early in her pregnancy. Then she asked if I could also come to the hospital to take pictures right after the birth. This isn’t something I had done before but I was so excited to do it! I would LOVE to do birth photography, LOVE. But with 3 little ones so young, I don’t have the ability to be on call 24 hours a day at this time. This was a great alternative and allowed me to capture the baby in his first hours of life.

I waited for the news of his arrival. And waited. And waited. At almost 2 weeks overdue and the baby estimated at over 10 lbs, the doctor decided it was time to induce. I know his mom was really hoping to let him come in his own time, and as luck would have it, she went into labor on her own the night before. They knew he would be big, but her other 3 kids were also over 9 pounds so she knew she could do it. He was born at a whopping 11 lbs 8 oz!!! And she delivered him naturally and even took her own birth photos as he was born. This mom is seriously one amazing woman and a testament that it is possible to deliver a “big” baby when you are “overdue.” She makes having 4 kiddos look so easy, and having 3 myself, I know it’s not!

I loved doing this hospital session and would absolutely love to do more of them. They are more journalistic in style compared to my full newborn sessions and would be done in the first 48 hours after the birth in either the hospital, birth center or in the home if it was a home birth. Here are some of the images from MJ’s session. He was SO alert and content for just a few hours old. Even in the picture of him crying, no sound came out. And just check out that smile in the last one!!
Newborn Hospital Pictures – The Woodlands

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