A little about me…

Hey there!

I’m Mandy and I strive to provide creative, beautiful portraits of your life’s most precious moments.
Capture the Dance Photography was born in 2009 and since then, my love of capturing memories has become a way of life for me. When my clients are absolutely thrilled with their images, I know I am doing what I was meant to do. I offer custom portrait sessions for newborns, babies and children in my studio or on-location. A variety of timeless products are also available for display in your home. I love my job, and I hope that love is manifested in my work. If the images speak to you, I would love to see if we can work together! Feel free to email me at mandy@capturethedance.com.

Just a few more tidbits…

I love my God, my incredibly supportive husband, and my three AMAZING children who each have their own wonderfully special qualities. They inspire me daily and are my reason for everything. I am so blessed, even if I do a horrible job at balancing it all!

I enjoy crafts and sewing, and usually have several unfinished projects going on at once.

I love the outdoors. Except when it’s hot. Or cold.

I used to be an intelligent, organized person who “had it together.” Then I had children.

I am a major procrastinator. Luckily I also do my best work under pressure.

I am most comfortable behind the camera and out of the spotlight, although I have dreams that I am a singer or dancer.

I like a lot of music, but always fall back on my country roots.

I love Italian food. And crawfish. And Dr. Pepper floats.

I am most happy when I am creating something…preserving memories is my passion.

Beesley 2013 {part 1 of 2}001e2blog

{Photo courtesy of Captured Simplicity}

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